Our Team

Along with 50 robots, Q-Bot employs 50 humans at a headquarters in London and offices in Newcastle and Newport. The highly-experienced multidisciplinary engineering and research team has a unique blend of robotics, digital and building experience.

Q-Bot was founded in 2012 by Tom Lipinski and Professor Peter Childs, whose entrepreneurial track record includes the commercialisation of innovative technologies as well as previous successful exits.

If you would like to develop new cutting-edge technology and help bring the next big innovation to market, then find out more about our current vacancies here.


Board Members

Prof. Peter Childs

Chairperson, Co-Founder
Co-Director of the Energy Futures Lab, and founding Head of the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London. Peter is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering and Chairperson at both Q-Bot and BladeBUG.

Dr Ilian Iliev, Investor Director
Dr Ilian Iliev

Investor Director
CEO of NetScientific PLC, Ilian has a broad experience in supporting high growth technology companies and working with corporate, family office and institutional investors. Investment Director since 2015, he has led several investment rounds into Q-Bot.

Tom Lipinski, CTO, Co-Founder
Tom Lipinski

CTO, Co-Founder
An experienced entrepreneur and an architect with more than 20 sustainability and innovation awards, including the 2011 Autodesk Inventor of the Year and 2021 CIBSE “most significant contribution to the art & science of building services engineering”. Tom’s class leading expertise includes retrofitting, building physics, academic research and securing government funding.

Senior Management Team

David Lawlor
David Lawlor

Head of Delivery
David has vast amounts of experience in operations, team management, retrofit logistics, data management, materials spraying, and robot operation & maintenance.

Leigh Fairbrother, Head of Commercial
Leigh Fairbrother

Head of Commercial
Leigh has many years of expertise in architecture, energy efficiency, affordable housing, business growth, operational efficiency, and sustainable solutions.

Dayna Kivell
Dayna Kivell

Head of Robotics
Dayna has electronics and computer systems engineering, mechatronics, and robotics expertise as well as significant experience in robotics development, production, and fleet operation.

Team Members

Dimitri M
Dimitris Moniatis

Electronics Engineer – Dimitris likes working on bleeding edge tech and pushing hardware beyond its limits. He dislikes using lead-free solder and messy circuit schematics.

Maddy Clifford
Maddy Clifford

Head of Product – Maddy loves seeing the impact of our work, improving lives and reducing carbon emissions. She dislikes wasted time and energy.

Tim Glew
Timothy E. Glew

Business Development Manager – Tim enjoys building strong relationships with customers and finding the best solutions for their needs. He enjoys fashion, the great outdoors and frequents The Kensington & Chelsea tea rooms with his family and friends.