Digital Twin

Q-Bot has developed an innovative solution for conducting stock condition surveys that creates BIM (Building Information Modelling) models of existing buildings.


Building on the expertise and experience gained providing robotic underfloor insulation services, Q-Bot's systems can create a digital record of a building and its condition, including measuring physical properties; calculating energy efficiency; recording locations of services; and finally, identifying potential risks such as damp or mould.


These detailed records can then be integrated with any building Asset Management  systems and shared across the organisation. This enables to improve planning and asset management while reducing costs through proactive maintenance.



How it works


Step 1: Scan each room

Step 1: Scan each room

The scanner is placed in the middle of the room and linked to the tablet. The surveyor will complete a form collecting key information and notes from the survey. A scan takes 60 seconds to collect a full 360 capture of the room.

Step 2: Process data

The raw data is converted into a simplified 3D model and AI is used to recognize elements of the room.

3D model using Q-Bot stock condition survey
Annotate and label elements from a 3D scan using Q-Bot's stock condition survey

Step 3: Annotate

The surveyor can label elements and add further details using the app. Additional data can be overlaid such as the risk of condensation and information can be stored about services.

Stage 4: Create outputs

Outputs include: a 2D floorplan and a simple 3D model; dimensions and areas of key building elements; and, detailed thermal and energy efficiency models.

2D and 3D model of a house




Why Q-Bot’s solution is unique


  • Health – Measures the condition of the building and creates a 3D digital record.


  • Sensor Fusion – Can measure energy efficiency, risk of damp, mould, structural issues.


  • ArtificiaI Intelligence – Automated recognition and labelling of features and material properties.



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