100% ECO Funded underfloor insulation with boiler upgrade

25 March 2020

Q-Bot can now provide 100% ECO funding for our underfloor insulation when installed as a secondary measure. Our non-disruptive installation method uses robots that fit into properties with suspended floors and sprays insulation below the floor boards.


robot spaying insulation


Our housing partners have achieved: 

  • On average 3-6 EPC points uplift;
  • Little or minimal disruption to tenants – 24h/48h average install time;
  • Average reduction in heat loss through the floor by 80%;
  • Average reduction in cold draughts across the whole house by 30%;
  • Average energy savings of £150 per year.


The leading housing providers like Guinness Partnership, Camden Council, Nottingham City Homes and many more have now used Q-Bot’s robotic underfloor insulation to upgrade their housing stock. Together, more than 2,000 homes have been surveyed and insulated.

For help in improving your housing stock, please leave your contact details here and we will get back to you.