The BBA approves the first construction service delivered by a robot

25 July 2017

Q-Bot's underfloor insulation service has been awarded the highly prized British Board of Agrément ("BBA") accreditation for the construction industry. The BBA Agrément Certificate Number 17/5440i1 covers Q-Bot's suspended timber floor insulation service for domestic and non-domestic buildings. The service is delivered using a robotic device called 'SprayBot' which can crawl under old homes and insulate the floor from below, a job which is generally impossible for a human being (as floor voids are typically 12" deep).

This new, highly innovative service creates skilled jobs in the building sector, since the task of insulating under floors was previously impractical and cost prohibitive. At the same time, the resultant energy and cost savings generate one of the quickest paybacks of all insulation measures, creating a very appealing win-win for everybody.

Q-Bot's under floor insulation service was put through its paces by the BBA in the lab and onsite to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations. Working with the BBA, Q-Bot developed a detailed training program and a fully accountable quality management system to ensure each install is delivered consistently and to the highest standards. The accreditation also opens up opportunities for government funding through schemes such as ECO helping to fund the roll out of the service.

Mathew Holloway, CEO of Q-Bot: "The award of the BBA Agrément Certificate demonstrates that Q-Bot's process of insulating the floor is robust, meets all the requirements of the Building Regulations and can be consistently and reliably applied across millions of homes in the UK. The unique solution allows the whole process to be recorded, complete with a survey of the area and depth of insulation to ensure the quality of the job done. The service will also have a fantastic impact on local communities, generating employment as well as reducing fuel poverty and CO2 emissions. The BBA Certificate will enable us to deliver these impacts at scale across the UK and overseas."