Q-Bot appoints Stuart Black as Chair

22 October 2020


Q-Bot Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of its new Chair Stuart Black.


Q-Bot is replacing centuries-old construction techniques with smart processes that make it easier and simpler for contractors to inspect, maintain and upgrade buildings. Q-Bot’s solutions combine robotics, 3D scanning, digital tools and AI, enabling contractors to: identify the needs of each property; automate repetitive tasks; reach inaccessible areas, track the work done; and, seamlessly share information. The company has already successfully commercialised a unique solution that uses a robot to apply underfloor thermal insulation as well as piloting a state-of-the-art stock condition surveying platform. Q-Bot’s solutions ensure that there are cost-effective and non-disruptive ways to make homes warm, comfortable and energy-efficient – improving lives through technology.


Stuart Black has an illustrious background as Director of Bucknall Austin Project Management; Managing Director of Marlin; Corporate Development Director of the Citex Group; Group Business Development Director for Mouchel Parkman PLC; Chief Executive Officer of Mears Group PLC; Non-Executive Chairman of Strategic Team Group, Chapco Group, Wigmore Holdings, APT Group, TCL and Northern Escalator Group; Executive Chairman of Lakehouse PLC; and, NED, Executive Chairman and Interim CEO at Just Ask Services.


Stuart brings extensive experience in facilities management, leadership, asset, energy and support services management in the construction, housing and infrastructure sectors. “I am a delighted to be joining Q-Bot at such an exciting time in the development of the organisation. Through the application of its technology and expertise, it has the opportunity to transform how the construction industry creates and manages housing and infrastructure assets sustainably. Q-Bot is a business with ambitious and aspirational objectives, but crucially with the intellect and technology to deliver them.”


Stuart steps into this role taking up the mantle from Professor Peter Childs FREng, professorial lead in Engineering Design at Imperial College London, who has been the first Chair of Q-Bot Ltd. Peter is one of the original founders of Q-Bot and will continue to support the company as one of the Directors and an ever enthusiast for all things retrofit, repurposing and sustainability.


“I am delighted to welcome Stuart Black as the new Chair of Q-Bot Ltd. The last eight years since the formation of the company have been amazing as we have seen the development of a range of reliable robotics and high-fidelity stock-condition surveying equipment as well accompanying software and systems. It has been a privilege to be the first Chair of Q-Bot and I look forward to continuing to work with the company team in the coming years.”

Stuart Black