Q-Bot develops intelligent tools to assess and maintain the health of buildings.

About Our Mission

Our Mission

Q-Bot's mission is to transform the built environment by becoming the global leader in robotic and AI systems that apply materials in order to construct, maintain and upgrade buildings.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve lives through technology. 

Q-Bot’s solutions ensure that people have a cost-effective and non-disruptive way to make their homes warm, comfortable and energy-efficient. 

About Our Vision
About Environment

Positive environmental impact

Furthermore, we envision a world where there is no trade-off between providing a warm and healthy home, and protecting the environment. Q-Bot is dedicated to improving the health of our buildings, reducing energy usage and paving the way for a sustainable construction industry. 

Modernising construction

Finally, we believe that by teaching the necessary skills and providing training, we can create new opportunities in a traditional industry by merging the fields of digital innovation and construction. Q-Bot’s technology reduces risks for workers and brings much-needed quality, accountability, and informed, data-based decisions to building management.  

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Social impact 

We are committed to creating a positive social and environmental impact through: 

  • reducing energy usage and carbon emissions from buildings;  
  • reducing fuel poverty and providing affordable warmth;
  • upskilling the workforce, creating jobs and training opportunities. 

Where we began

Q-Bot’s journey began when co-founder Tom Lipinski identified a huge, untapped need for underfloor insulation, a major contributor to fuel poverty and high household bills. However, there were several practical challenges standing in the way of providing an effective solution.  

How can insulation be applied without ripping the entire house apart? 

To solve this issue, Tom and Professor Peter Childs developed a robotic solution that could fit through a small opening, deploy and apply insulation in situ without having to take the house apart. This solution is now disrupting the traditional construction industry and providing comfort and warmth for homes across the UK, and beyond. 

Tom Lipinski

Q-Bot was established to use technology to address the opportunity that we could see in the built environment. Advances in robotics and AI meant processes, that in some cases hadn't changed in hundreds of years, could now be done quicker, safer and to a much higher quality. Using robots to install underfloor insulation was the starting point on this journey.

- Tom Lipinski, Co-Founder 

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