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22 / 12 / 19

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22 / 12 / 19

Saint-Gobain is pleased to announce their investment in Q-Bot, the UK’s leader in robotics for the construction indus

18 / 12 / 19
Underfloor insulation is one of the most overlooked methods to insulate homes because traditional methods can be complex, disruptive and expensive. This article debunks the most common myths and shows that Q-Bot's robotic underfloor insulation allows provides a hassle-free and efficient way to keep your feet warm for good.
17 / 12 / 19
An in-depth study was carried out by Leeds Beckett University before and after Q-Bot installed insulation under the floor of an end-terrace bungalow in the North of England. It was found that applying Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation reduces heat loss through the floor by 77% and draughts by 39%, resulting in a 24% reduction in the Heat Transfer Coefficient.
3 / 12 / 19
Q-Bot and its housing partners already have had a strong impact on fuel poverty by making homes warmer and more energy efficient. This means significantly improving the living conditions of tenants whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Together, we have delivered affordable warmth and improved energy efficiency to 1000’s of homes across the country.
19 / 11 / 19
Uninsulated floors contribute to up to 25% of the heat loss for a typical home. Discover the most efficient options to insulate your floor from underfloor insulation to covering your floorboards and floor heating.
23 / 10 / 19

Under-floor insulation with robots has just got easier (with a reduced waiting time).

16 / 10 / 19
There are many ways to insulate your home and a combination of several insulation methods may be needed. This article will cover all the common options available for your home.
1 / 10 / 19
Q-Bot's first open house in Hove proves to be a great success.
25 / 9 / 19
Q-Bot technology has recently been added to the range of energy efficiency measures offered under Warmer Homes Scotland – the Scottish Government’s national scheme for improving energy efficiency in homes who are in or at risk of fuel poverty. The scheme’s Managing Agent, Warmworks Scotland, has now confirmed that the technology, a unique robot that is controlled via remote control, will be used to insulate the area underneath suspended timber floors, thus creating a warmer, more comfortable home, with fewer draughts, more even temperatures, and a reduced risk of damp or mould.