Benefits of installing Q-Bot's robotic underfloor insulation

4 June 2019

Q-Bot has introduced the first affordable and fully accredited solution for the insulation of existing timber floors. Q-Bot’s solution uses a robot to apply insulation in situ to the underside of the suspended floor. The solution is accredited by the BBA and eligible for funding such as ECO. As part of a drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty, several Housing Associations are working with Q-Bot to install underfloor insulation in homes across the UK. This includes houses from Camden Council, Hexagon Housing association, Castlehill Housing Association, Argyll Community Housing Association and Langstane Housing Association.


The properties include a wide range of housing types, different ages and sizes. Post installation monitoring of 100 properties demonstrates that the measure reduces heat loss through the floor by 80% and cold draughts for the whole house by 1/3. In addition, due to the innovative process and short installation time, there was minimal disruption for the Housing Associations’ customers.


The installation of floor insulation significantly improved thermal comfort with fewer cold draughts and resulted in even temperatures within the house. In a survey of the residents who have benefited from the service, 100% of respondents said they were ‘Satisfied’, or ‘Very Satisfied’ with the installation and 86% would recommend Q-Bot to their neighbours. 2/3 of respondents have noticed a significant reduction in energy bills of between £150 and £240 per year: “I am much warmer, and I’m saving £20 per month on bills. I love Q-Bot, it has made a massive difference. There are now no draughts.” Customer, NW London.


Using SAP, Q-Bot’s solution was shown to be the most cost-effective retrofit measure available, after loft insulation, at an average cost from £340 per EPC point. It also produced an average annual energy saving of more than £150, with some tenants saving up to £665 per year. The average EPC improvement across the range of properties was 6 points.


Mathew Holloway, CEO, Q-Bot: “This case study shows that across the UK, Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation has delivered energy savings, improved EPCs and increased thermal comfort. Q-Bot continues to receive positive feedback from residents who report lower bills, warmer homes and reduced drafts coming from the floor. With ECO3 offering increased support for innovation and floor insulation, the benefits can now be achieved at even lower cost than ever before.”  

View full case study here.