Partners Overview


Accredited Installation Partners​​​​ – A collaborative approach to deliver highly scalable growth.


Q-Bot envisions a world without trade-offs between providing a warm, healthy home, and protecting the environment – and for underfloor insulation that means working through a network of highly successful, high quality Accredited Installation Partners. There are eight million homes that need Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation robot. Collaborative and creative partnering is crucial to delivery at scale.

Having proved the market for an innovative robotic solution, and developed, tested and extended its partner model, Q-Bot is now supporting the rapid growth and development of that network using two models. In each case Accredited Installation Partner staff are offered full training to become Q-Bot Accredited Operatives. Their work is continually assessed for quality by Q-Bot in order to maintain Accredited Operative status.

Partnership models

Two types of Approved Installation Partners are supported by Q-Bot. A direct relationship between Q-Bot and the partner, or a partner with a network of contractors operating beneath them.

In exchange for a monthly subscription fee per robot, Accredited Installation Partners are granted access to the Q-Bot System using a ‘Robot as a Service’ (RaaS) model. In addition to all of the initial training and support, the hardware is maintained and swapped out by Q-Bot to ensure that installers have access to an operational robot along with all of the support systems, Installation Management Software, cloud-based systems, and quality and compliance Q-Bot delivers to its partners using the RaaS model.

The RaaS model works well for partners from a variety of backgrounds including insulation contractors, Direct Labour Organisations, civil engineering companies, retrofit start-ups, energy-efficiency firms, installer networks and others.

Partners can be specialists but in the UK with a focus on whole house retrofit, they are increasingly helping to deliver multiple measures in people’s homes, by working together formally or informally, as part of a network or under a Managing Agent.


Become an Accredited Installation Partner


Q-Bot has open opportunities for Accredited Installation Partners to sell and deliver solutions using our technologies as complementary services, to their customers in the UK, France, Netherlands and beyond.

Q-Bot’s innovative underfloor insulation and surveying and scanning solutions can offer Approved Installation Partners new sources of revenues, help them secure additional contracts as a ‘one-stop-shop’ and enable them to demonstrate innovation through smarter ways of inspecting, maintaining and upgrading buildings.

In the UK Q-Bot can also help leverage Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funding in the UK and benefits from the Innovation uplift.

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Technology Partners


Q-Bot also seeks to expand its network of partners to further develop and commercialise technologies. These could include Investors, Academic institutions, innovative and forward-thinking firms in the construction industry and those developing new building materials – especially thermally efficient materials for the Built Environment.


Accredited Partners