Whether you are a housing association, local authority or a private landlord, as a Trustmark registered installer Q-Bot can help you improve the energy efficiency of your housing stock and achieve your 2030 EPC ‘C’ rating targets.


Q-Bot is a ‘Queen’s Award for Innovation’ winning developer of intelligent systems to inspect, monitor and maintain the health of buildings using Robotics and AI.


We have developed the first affordable, ECO3 funded solution to retrofit insulation to suspended timber floors. Verified by the Energy Savings Trust, fully accredited by BBA and developed with the support of BEIS and InnovateUK, Q-Bot’s under floor insulation (UFI) is a non-intrusive energy efficiency measure that increases SAP scores, eliminates draughts, cuts carbon emissions, improves thermal comfort and reduces heating costs.


Q-Bot provides ground-breaking Digital Twin and asset management solutions, to help you design implement and manage the retrofit of measure in your properties.


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Under floor Insulation

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Stock Condition Survey
Digital Twin (incl. 3D Stock Condition Surveys)

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Asset Management

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Fuel poverty
fuel poverty
efficient efficiency
Improve EPC rating*
Happy customer
Improve residents’
Increase SAP score by up to 12 points**
minimal disruption
Minimal disruption
to residents
Offset costs with ECO3 Innovation funding for D, E, F & G properties


*Most cost-effective insulation measure per EPC point

**Reference to Energy Saving Trust report


How we work with landlords


Stock assessment

Step 1:  
Stock assessment

We assess your stock data and use sophisticated algorithms to compare with data from our own database and other sources such as the national EPC register, housing stock data and Google Street View. We then enrich it and upload it back into your Asset Management system.

Step 2: Business plan

We work hand in hand with your team to put together a business plan to deliver a programme to improve your stock. We can stage our approach and work on small or large projects to meet your requirements.

RSL Stock Survey

Step 3:
Digital Twin


Our 3D scanning technologies and Installation Management System allow us to create a comprehensive record of a building’s condition and energy efficiency. We can also check if it is eligible for our robotic under floor insulation, though that is ordinarily covered by a separate floor condition survey as part of UFI installations.


We will use the data collected on site to update the information in your Asset Management system.

Step 4: Insulation installation

We define a programme of work with you and organise the installations with residents to insulate their floors. Our installation process involves spraying a layer of closed cell polyurethane foam, providing a material warranty of 25 years.

RSL Insulation installation

We work with the leading social landlords 

Your Homes Newcastle
Nottingham City Homes
Link Housing
Great Places
Castle Rock

Since 2012, Q-Bot has been working with dozens of social landlords to improve the energy efficiency of hundreds of homes



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