Our Robotic Underfloor Insulation Process

Please note the surveyor and installation team will follow the latest Government guidance and:

  • Wash or sanitise their hands before entering your home;

  • Adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times. They’ll ask everyone in your home to do the same for them – ideally by staying in a different room;

  • Wear a face mask;

  • Wipe any surfaces they touch with anti-septic wipes


Home eligibility survey

Before providing floor insulation, we survey your home to make sure it is suitable. We may need to lift a floorboard or make a small access hatch to examine your floor void’s height, moisture level, layout, piping, and the condition of your floorboards. We also measure the surface area to give you an accurate quote.

To check for compliance and to qualify for funding, our surveyors are required to look at ventilation in rooms that will be insulated to ensure adequate levels are maintained. Where necessary Q-Bot may be required to fit additional background ventilation in order to meet building regulation as part of an installation.




Quick and hassle-free installation


Step 1: Access

The robot goes into the void through an access hatch. Access methods vary by architype. As a broad generalisation in the UK access is primarily via an access hatch created in the floor; in other markets access is primarily via access created in the external wall. Wherever possible and safe, Q-Bot will use the least disruptive method. 

Insert robot under the floor
Robot spraying insulation under the floor

Step 2: Spray

The robot sprays layers of insulation to the underside of the floorboards, with a typical thickness of 12cm. The insulation expands to fill all the gaps. This keeps your floor warm, dry and draught-free. The void under your floor stays ventilated, allowing the ground to breathe and avoiding the risk of damp or mould.

Step 3: Quality check

While the robot does its work, the installation is monitored to measure the thickness of the insulation applied under your floor. This allows Q-Bot to verify that the work has been completed successfully.

+ more info in our FAQ

Q-Bot quality control