Our underfloor insulation process

Home eligibility survey

Before providing floor insulation, we survey your home to make sure it is eligible. We may need to lift a floorboard or make a small access hatch to examine your void’s height, moisture level, layout, piping, and the condition of your floorboards. We also measure the surface area to give you an accurate quote.


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Quick and hassle-free installation


Step 1: Scan

The robot goes into the void through a removed air brick in the external wall, or through a 44*30cm access hatch created in your floor. As the robot travels through the void, a detailed 3D map is built of the underfloor space. This final check helps assess all installation details and outstanding risk.

SprayBot in void
Homeowner Step 2: Spray

Step 2: Spray

The robot sprays layers of insulation to the underside of the floorboards, with a typical thickness of 12cm. The insulation expands to fill all the gaps. This keeps your floor warm, dry and draught-free. The void under your floor stays ventilated, allowing the ground to breathe and avoiding the risk of damp or mould.

Step 3: Quality check

While the robot does its work, the installation is monitored to measure the thickness of the insulation applied under your floor. This allows Q-Bot to verify that the work has been completed successfully.

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Homeowner Step 3: Survey