Asset Information Management System

Q-Bot works with landlords to automatically import the data captured by building surveys into their Asset Management systems, which helps proactively and efficiently manage their housing stock.


A lot of housing records contain poor and unreliable information, which makes it difficult to plan upgrades and maintenance.


With Q-Bot’s asset information management solution, landlords have access to a Digital Twin – a “live”, up to date accurate digital record for each property. This helps make informed decisions on potential energy performance improvements. The application also allows to track the status of ongoing works and verify their quality.


This helps to assess compliance for building regulations, identify risks and reduce costs through planned improvement and proactive maintenance.



How it works


Property management

  • Integrate with a property database to filter and prioritise work

  • Identify properties that need a stock condition survey and plan work

  • Book a survey or install into the schedule, which can be linked to communication systems

Property management
Collecting information during survey to plan future work

Building surveys

  • Customisable survey form to record specific property information, including photos and floorplans

  • Estimation of cost and impact of different options to maintain or upgrade the property

Manage outputs

  • Compliance checks: The installation can easily be checked by an independent team to ensure compliance

  • Performance tracking: KPIs for each installation team and customer can be reviewed to track progress

  • Integration: Information can be exported and shared with third-party systems

Manage output for asset management



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