Benefits of Q-Bot's underfloor insulation

16% energy savings  

Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation reduces the average homeowners heating bill by £260 a year. In 2020, the Energy Saving Trust has verified the heating cost and carbon savings in this report. Insulating a floor with Q-Bot typically saved around £110 a year in a gas-heated home or £255 a year in an electrically heated home.

Energy Savings

An award-winning and fully accredited solution  

Q-Bot's cutting-edge underfloor insulation technology has been accredited by the BBA and has received numerous awards from the construction and sustainability sectors acknowledging its innovative technology and positive social and environmental impact.

A solution tried and tested in hundreds of homes

Since 2012, Q-Bot has installed underfloor insulation in thousands of homes covering tens of thousands of square metres.

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High client satisfaction  

According to our post-install survey, 100% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the installation, and nine out of ten would recommend our service. Furthermore, two-thirds of respondents said that as a benefit of Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation, they were saving between £150 and £240 per year on energy bills.  


A cost-effective solution to improve EPC ratings

According to Q-Bot’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) based on a survey of 100 UK homes, which measures the energy efficiency of a building, Q-Bot’s insulation increases a home’s Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) rating by an average of 6 points. With an average install price of £2,400 and a gain in energy efficiency of 6 EPC points, it is often the most cost-effective option to improve EPC ratings. Energy Performance Certificates are required for all property in the UK and EU to summarise their energy efficiency. The higher the EPC rating, the more valuable your property.  


Government Insulation Grants 

Q-Bot's under floor insulation has been approved for ECO3 funding since April 2019 as an innovative insulation method. If you are eligible for ECO3 funding, you may get funding for up to 1/3 of the cost of Q-Bot underfloor insulation.  

Cutting heat loss and cold draughts  

Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation reduced by 79% the heat lost through the floor after insulation was installed and a decrease of cold draughts by 30% across the whole house.

heat loss

16% CO2 savings per year  

Q-Bot’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) found that each year, 730kg of CO2 was saved per household that had installed Q-Bot’s insulation, this is equivalent to a CO2 saving of 16% per year. This translates to the equivalent CO2 savings of 11.6 trees planted per household.  

Fuel poverty relief  

According to Ashden, so far, Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation has benefitted over 6,000 people. On top of significant energy savings, residents and homeowners reported feeling less draughts and warmer feet.  

Fuel poverty

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