1/3 of all UK homes could benefit from underfloor insulation
33% of all UK homes could benefit from underfloor insulation.

While most cavity walls and lofts are already insulated, more than 8 million homes with suspended floors could still benefit from under floor insulation.


Reduce drafts
Suspended floors are responsible for ~20% of your home’s heat loss and 1/3 of draughts.

Underfloor insulation reduces heat loss by 77% and draughts by 30%.

Happy Homeowner and Q-Bot
Q-Bot robot spraying insulation

We use robots, like Betty here, to insulate your floor!   

Q-Bot uses intelligent robots that go under your floor to spray insulation under floorboards with minimal disruption to your daily life. The insulation immediately reduces the heat lost through the floor and the draughts, ensuring a healthy and energy-efficient home. You can also view our TrustMark profile.

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Why Q-Bot?

Save money and
minimal disruption
efficient efficiency
A warmer and 
cosier home

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Benefits of insulating under the floor

Uninsulated suspended timber floors
Insulation under the floor

Uninsulated suspended timber floors allow cold and damp air to enter the house from the space under the floor. This means the house is very draughty with uneven temperatures in the living area – ensuring discomfort to people working from home.

Where necessary Q-Bot may be required to fit additional background ventilation in order to meet building regulation as part of an installation.


After applying layers of insulation under the floor with Q-Bot’s solution, the main benefits are:

  • less draughts (~1/3 for whole house)

  • less temperature stratification (warm feet)

  • lower energy bills (~£250/yr)

Q-Bot’s method has been shown to reduce the risk of damp and mould when compared to both an uninsulated floor and alternative insulation materials.


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