Our Team

Along with 25 robots, Q-Bot employs 35 humans at a headquarters in London and offices in Newcastle. The highly-experienced multidisciplinary engineering and research team has a unique blend of robotics, digital and building experience.

Q-Bot was founded in 2012 by Mathew Holloway (CEO), Tom Lipinski and Professor Peter Childs, whose entrepreneurial track record includes the commercialisation of innovative technologies as well as previous successful exits.

If you would like to develop new cutting-edge technology and help bring the next big innovation to market, then find out more about our current vacancies here.

In the meantime, meet some of our amazing team members. 



Russell Dunn
Russell Dunn

Software Architect – MSc, BSc (Hon) – Russell enjoys working with the customer to understand their requirements and designing the solutions. He enjoys working in a team to implement scalable, maintainable, extensible products. He dislikes unstructured code, broken builds, and time-wasting.

Josh Kiff – Design Engineer
Josh Kiff

Design Engineer – Josh loves to turn a concept into a reality through prototyping and experimentation. He dislikes having a project budget.

Mathew Holloway
Mathew Holloway

CEO & Co Founder - MEng, MA, MSc – Mathew loves getting new ideas into customer’s hands and creating an environment in which they can scale and grow. He dislikes having to wait and imperfection.