Robotics Underfloor Foam Insulation Technology

Our intelligent systems use Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to inspect, monitor and maintain the health of buildings.


Products and services


Underfloor Insulation

Q-Bot use intelligent robots to apply spray foam insulation to the underside of a suspended floor. Q-Bot is an award-winning and fully accredited underfloor insulation specialist. Q-Bot's measure immediately reduces the heat lost through the floor and helps to eliminate cold draughts.

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Robot Floor Insulation Illustration
Information Management Systems

Information Management Systems

Q-Bot has created a highly scalable, secure and future proof management system for building records which allows asset managers to efficiently identify the needs of their stock, plan work and build a digital record of each building’s history.

> information management systems for Landlords

Robot Applied Wall Insulation

Q-Bot is currently developing a number of new robotic approaches and process improvements for the insulation and finishing of walls, facades and other structures. These solutions will be deployed onsite without the need for scaffolding to retrofit existing buildings, or be used off site to enable new construction methods.

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Spray Applied Wall System





Q-Bot’s founders Tom Lipinski and Professor Peter Childs  come from the best design and engineering schools (Royal College of Arts, Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London) and have built a team of world-class talent. 

Q-Bot’s product development process starts with understanding the customer’s needs and uses these insights to focus development on innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology that can create value for the customer.


Robot control systems

The robots are connected to a rugged, weather proof control unit, which includes a power supply, powerful computer, gamepad and a screen which is used to relay the video feed and sensor information to the operator. The robots can be controlled manually to benefit from the expert knowledge of the operator, or autonomously to benefit from the accuracy and repeatability of robotic control of repetitive tasks. 

Robotic manufacturing systems

Unlike conventional robotic arms used in the automotive and manufacturing industry, Q-Bot’s solutions work in messy, highly variable construction sites to apply, shape and finish common building materials.

Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)

Q-Bot’s robots use state-of-the-art sensors combined with cutting edge control routines in order to understand, explore and map their surroundings autonomously.

3D surveying and thermal imaging

The 3D surveying platform consists of a zero-backlash highly accurate rotating stage, on which different sensors are mounted, this includes a laser, HD cameras. These detailed point clouds can then be converted into simplified 3D models (e.g. Autodesk Revit), and the outputs can be exported into industry-standard formats such as COBIE.

Deep Learning and AI

Q-Bot uses deep learning algorithms to automate repetitive and laborious tasks, including merging together individual scans into one combined data-set, automatically extract floor plans and simple building models, detecting features such as windows, radiators, doors, services and categorise them, or measuring material properties.

Cloud-based information management system

The data captured by the robot, surveying and imaging systems is combined with operator inputs entered on a mobile app, and stored in AWS. Customers and asset managers can access this information through a secure web interface.



Advanced manufacturing


Q-Bot is using advanced manufacturing facilities in house to rapidly prototype and create new robotic tools. We have the latest CNC milling machines to prototype mechanical parts, and our own pick-and-place machine to create PCBs. This allows rapid iterations of ideas and frequent product improvements.







The company has 9 granted patents and 25 further patents pending which cover a number of inventions in the UK and internationally and demonstrates the innovative nature of Q-Bot’s solutions. Q-Bot has developed patent families to protect.

  • Application of insulation by a remotely operated device.

  • Design of the robotic vehicles and arms.

  • The system for creating high resolution 3D scans and models of the environment.

  • The use of robotic devices in other applications.