Testimonial from Q-Bot’s first ever private customer

7 December 2021

Q-Bot’s first ever private customer, Bob, finally had his installation of underfloor insulation completed. Bob originally contacted us in 2018 to enquiry about the service. During the Floor Health Survey, it was found that the height of the underfloor space was too low to install with the existing technology at the time.

In November 2020, Q-Bot released its new generation of robot ‘ tiny but mighty’ capable of spraying insulation in voids as low as 20cm. The robots are tough remotely operated vehicles that that can drive through hazardous and confined spaces accurately applying insulation to the underside of the floorboards.

This was a major milestone achieved for the company. Q-Bot is now able to retrofit a bigger proportion of cold and poorly insulated homes and reinforced its R&D feat to develop robust and reliable robots. The team is very proud to always push the limit to achieve high standard of service to customers.

Key benefits of the installation of underfloor insulation:

  • Reduction of 75% of heat loss through the floor

  • 1 Day to install the insulation and minimise disruption (43m2 of floor area sprayed)

  • Warmer living area


Testimonials from Bob:

"Our house was built in 1961. Half of the ground floor has suspended flooring. Our main living room had a significant temperature problem – being a few degrees colder than the hallway, from which the lounge is accessed.

Our children were quite young when we bought this property and with two of them suffered from asthma we decided to have wooden flooring laid, as opposed to carpeting, to help stop fibres aggravating their asthma. Over time we became convinced that the cold air penetrating this room was coming through the flooring.

We investigated various options to see how we may negate the cold air problem in the living room. No other area of the house over suspended flooring had the same problem. We saw advertising for a Grand Designs / Home Improvements show at the NEC in Birmingham. There was an option to book to see ‘experts’ in various fields, including insulation. We booked to see two. One suggested taking the flooring up and adding some form of cladding underneath the suspended flooring – whilst maintaining the required air flow. The other suggested taking up all flooring and replacing with a new solid concrete floor. We obtained a quote from a builder for converting to a solid floor but the cost was prohibitive coming in at over £10,000 – and that didn’t take account of replacing the wooden flooring!

I came across Q-Bot in 2018 when searching for underfloor insulation solutions. Q-Bot’s technology and approach was described in an article about insulating techniques and I found it a fascinating idea. I searched Q-Bot’s website and made contact. Initially Q-Bot told me that their primary focus was working with local councils but they were considering branching out into private properties in the near future. I believed that Q-Bot’s solution was the best for our problem as it seemed to offer a less intrusive and disruptive approach. I was prepared to wait.

I kept in regular contact with Q-Bot through the Marketing Manager, Audrey Massy, who kept me informed of developments.

In late 2018 a member of the Q-Bot team came to assess our property to ensure their solution was compatible. To my disappointment it was found that the depth of our void was too shallow for the current Q-Bot robot models, however, the Q-Bot assessor told me they were working on a smaller robot that would be suitable to get the job done. I was told the new model had to go through various regulatory approvals / compliance standards prior to its use in the field. I was prepared to wait again.

After regular updates from the marketing team it was finally confirmed, in late 2019, that the new model was approved and Q-Bot and that my project could start to be processed.

Coincidentally the Government announced a new initiative, called Green Homes Grant (GHG) Scheme, aimed at supporting and encouraging individuals to insulate their homes. Underfloor insulation qualified for grant support and, having checked with Q-Bot that they would be happy to support me, I registered my application in early January 2020 and waited approval.

The Q-Bot team were tremendous in providing backup data and information about their process, as well as advice on how to manage my way through the GHG Scheme bureaucracy, to help me gain the scheme’s voucher approval.

Finally in September 2021 we received approval for a voucher under the GHG Scheme. This was very late in the day as the scheme was due to close on 22nd November 2021!

Q-Bot responded brilliantly to the news of our approved voucher. They confirmed that they would be able to install prior to the expiry of my voucher / GHG Scheme. The installation was carried out in late October.

Being as I was one of the earliest potential customers for a private property installation, at a time when Q-Bot hadn’t entered that market, it is unfair to consider the lengthy process in any negative way. When Q-Bot decided to enter the market they kept me informed of progress, sometimes with a little reminder email from me, and always assuring me that we would get there.

From the point of confirmation of the installation date to post completion  Q-Bot have dome all I could expect: emails confirming dates, detailed information on pre-work required, the names of installers, checking appropriate COVID related safety compliance, to post installation invoice, work guarantee certificates and insurance / warranty cover for the work carried out – all delivered promptly. Excellent!

The only thing I believe Q-Bot could improve upon – when considering how to make this easier for the customer – would be to arrange/manage any sub-contracted building pre-work required for the project (we had to have 5 air- brick access points opened up for the robot) to be arranged as part of their services. I used to work for Amazon and their obsession with customer service always make me look at how service companies treat their customers. Overall Q-Bot has done a really great job over a prolonged period to get a result.

Since the installation was completed we have noticed an improvement in the temperature of the living room. We have not used the gas fire as often as we used to.

Overall the installation, in our case, had minimal disruption to our home as virtually all the work was carried out externally. At the start of the process - the Q-Bot assessor, David, was friendly and polite and explained, in detail, Q-Bot’s process.

The project installers were both friendly, patient and very respectful of our property. They had to assess the void to ensure the work could be done, checking humidity levels, and they kept us informed of their progress throughout.

The Q-Bot HQ team were in contact throughout, requesting necessary information prior to the installation but, most importantly in my case, helping me get the GHG voucher approval in time! Kristian was always available and returned urgent calls /emails promptly – particularly when we had a query regarding access points with the on-site builder when opening up the air bricks.

Despite the time taken to get to a successful conclusion I have found working with Q-Bot a pleasure always being supportive – so I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Just as an extra comment – when talking to one of the installers and asking him how long he had worked for Q-Bot – he told me he had joined fairly recently and , without prompting, said that his experience of Q-Bot had been first class – the best employer he had ever worked for! I worked in HR management for over 40 years – you always look for employees to be ambassadors for your company – so the installers comment is some recommendation!"


Written by private customer, Bob


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