Q-Bot featured on BBC Breakfast following the announcement of the UK’s Energy Security Strategy

8 April 2022

The UK Government has recently unveiled a national Energy Security Strategy to produce the UK’s energy from (more) greener sources. The strategy includes the creation of additional wind farms, solar power plants, hydrogen power, as well as more nuclear power stations. This should reduce the dependence on overseas countries such as Russia to heat our country, and our homes.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, described the Energy Strategy as the "bold plans to scale up and accelerate affordable, clean, and secure energy made in Britain, for Britain - from new nuclear to offshore wind - in the decade ahead. This will reduce our dependence on power sources exposed to volatile international prices we cannot control, so we can enjoy greater energy self-sufficiency with cheaper bills."

The Government aims to produce 95% of electricity using low carbon by 2030 and has the ambition to produce up to 50 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030. According to government officials, this would be enough to power every home across the UK.

However, this morning, Kwasi Kwarteng, Business Secretary, explained that households will not see the benefits from the Energy Strategy for up to five years. Measures to tackle the unprecedented energy rise will come from other government incentives. This includes a £150 discount on council tax and a loan of £200 on all energy bills from October.  

Q-Bot’s robots insulating suspended floors with minimal disruption was featured this morning on BBC Breakfast, where Adrian Ramsay, leader of the Green party in England and Wales, talked about the Energy Security Strategy, and the lack of focus on insulation and home improvement solutions.

Martin Jervis, Chief Commercial and Operating Officer at Q-Bot said: “We welcome the government’s new Energy Security Strategy. Combined with those forward-thinking homeowners who are investing in insulation this will do much to reduce energy bills and dependence on unacceptable sources of energy. Q-Bot has already seen a big uptick in interest from the recent VAT cut for this group. For millions of poorer households, however, for whom energy price hikes increase the “eat or heat dilemma” this problem is immediate and potentially catastrophic. They can’t afford to invest in insulation. They need more. We’d like to see more aggressive government help for those people right now.


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