How UK housing providers can achieve their carbon target through innovation?

3 December 2019


As of May 2019, the UK government has declared a climate emergency and has committed to an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050. Housing providers have immediately responded – in just few months more than half of the UK’s Local Authorities have declared a climate emergency, committing themselves to take urgent action and setting individual targets.


UK homes are amongst the least energy efficient in Europe, with low energy prices but very expensive energy bills due to inefficient homes. In order to achieve the UK’s climate target, 25m homes must be retrofitted. Today, the focus is on assisting housing providers in meeting their target by improving the fabric of buildings.


Furthermore, Q-Bot and its housing partners already have had a strong impact on fuel poverty by making homes warmer and more energy efficient. This means significantly improving the living conditions of tenants whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Together, we have delivered affordable warmth and improved energy efficiency to 1000’s of homes across the country.


Q-Bot’s services are eligible for ECO3 innovation funding which can reduce the installation price by 25-75%, depending on heating type. For the 8m homes with uninsulated suspended floors in the UK, Q-Bot provides a cost-effective solution to upgrade homes whilst helping housing providers reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their targets.


Q-Bot's robot spraying insulation underneath the floor