Q-Bot hosted an open house in Hove

1 October 2019

Q-Bot was delighted to welcome social landlords including Worthing Homes, Wealden District Council, Raven Housing Trust, alongside professionals such as Retrofit Works, Claire Haigh Architects and Life Size Architecture, and local homeowners to showcase Q-Bot’s cutting-edge solution for floor insulation.

During the demo week, attendees were able to see a full installation from beginning to end – first creating an access hatch, then scanning the underfloor void to create a 3D model, mapping services and creating a floorplan, before spraying a uniform layer of insulation and measuring the area and depth applied.



Before Q-Bot robotic underfloor insulation

The project

As you can see, the floor boards had great potential and as such Peter wanted to give them maximum love and exposure. Stripping and varnishing the boards, run in combination with underfloor insulation, provides a beautiful aesthetic outcome and connection with an original features of Peter’s home. It’s a low carbon footprint intervention and because of the underfloor insulation results in no drafts through the floor, reduced heat loss and improved EPC rating. It is possible the ROI is instant, through the combination of added value to your home from the improved aesthetic and improved EPC rating.

The results

The results, I am sure you agree, are spectacular the floor boards are now a key feature to the room and the house, over and above aesthetic, they are providing a warmer more energy efficient home. The install and finishing varnish was done in less than a week. Peter employed a local company to complete the works and will soon be releasing a case study on the entire process.

After Q-Bot's underfloor insulation

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