Housing group extends home insulation scheme using robot technology

20 March 2023

Liverpool-based housing group, Plus Dane Housing, is extending moves to boost underfloor insulation following the piloting of a robot programme.

Over the past 12 months the housing group has been increasing energy efficiency in some of its properties by using a robot to apply underfloor insulation.

The pilot project has now completed its first year and will now be extended to insulate even more homes this spring.

Q-Bot has developed a robot that makes it easier to install underfloor insulation in certain types of properties where this investment will provide an additional insultation opportunity.

The initial one-year pilot project, which started in March 2022, identified 50 bungalows across Congleton.

Built nearly 100 years ago, the properties have suspended timber floors that mean they can lose a lot of heat through the floor.

The Q-Bot works by being placed in the underfloor void and controlled remotely to spray insulation to the underside of suspended floors. This immediately reduces heat loss through the floor and stops draughts, ultimately reducing customer heating bills.

So far, the project has insulated 64 Plus Dane homes and will now be extended for a further three months with the aim of insulating around a dozen more Plus Dane homes across Cheshire, depending on successful surveys.

Paul Knight, chief operating officer at Plus Dane, said: “This has been a fascinating pilot project which will make a difference to the energy bills of more than 70 of our homes which is great news for those customers.

“The project has had some challenges, particularly around identifying homes that were suitable for this new technology, but it’s been a very useful exercise and given us lots of insight.”

He added: “Of course, anything we can do to reduce the energy bills of our customers, particularly at the moment, with the cost of living crisis, is vital and we will continue to look at innovative projects to help insulate more of our homes.”

Leigh Fairbrother, head of commercial for Q-Bot, said: “We have been really impressed with the Plus Dane Team and their commitment to using innovation to help improve the health and homes of their residents. The long term impact on carbon and energy savings means residents will be saving thousands of pounds whilst CO2 output is also reduced.”

Plus Dane’s retrofit programme of work aims to improve the energy efficiency of 200 homes across Cheshire and Merseyside, while reducing carbon emissions as part of the organisation’s progress towards net zero.


*Written by Neil Hodgson at Businessdesk.com