Q-Bot wins Business Green Technology Awards

21 November 2015

Building Technology of the Year

Winner: Q-Bot - Retrofitting with Robot

Q-Bot is introducing advanced robotics into the world of insulation. In another highly competitive category, the judges were blown away by this highly innovative technology and its ability to slash insulation costs by up to 75 per cent while improving the efficiency of some of our coldest homes by up to a quarter.


One of the problems with energy efficiency is that for the average person, it's not a very exciting topic. Trying to convince people to spend their time, and money, considering insulation projects that are often expensive and disruptive to install, is a tall order. Added to that, much of the low-hanging fruit in the sector - such as loft insulation - has already been rolled out, yet millions of "hard to treat homes" up and down the country needing more expensive or complicated retrofits are still leaking energy throughout the year.

In this context Q-Bot's roving robot is something of a master stroke, tapping into our love of gadgets while tackling the sobering topics of energy efficiency and fuel poverty. Any invention that can hit those two hot political topics in one neatly packaged piece of British robotics is destined for big things.