Five things you didn’t know about underfloor insulation

18 December 2019


What do you need to know about underfloor insulation?


Here are the most important things you need to know about underfloor insulation and how it is going to improve your home.


No one wants to have cold feet, so here are some useful facts which will help you keep warm, add value to your home, reduce your heating bill and self the planet!


1. Underfloor insulation pays for itself

Did you know insulating your floorboards, especially with Q-Bot’s spray insulation is an investment for life?

A home with an uninsulated suspended timber floor is draughty, loses heat and is more likely to be damp. Fitting Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation has been shown, by the Energy Savings Trust to reduce your heating bills by an average of 16% and save you an average of £150 per year.

Spending £1,500 on insulating your floor will take just 10 years to recover. Q-Bot’s insulation has an expected life of between 30-80 years, meaning over its lifetime you could save thousands more on heating bills

Not only will it save you money on your household bills and make your home more comfortable, but the gains made in your EPC (energy performance certificate) rating -an average of 6 SAP points- actually increases the value of your home.


2. Q-Bot's underfloor insulation is simple and hassle free to install

Unlike traditional underfloor insulation Q-Bot can install a typical home in 1-2 days.

Q-Bot is TrustMark registered and BBA accredited. That means you will receive the highest quality service and product with the least disruption.

Traditional methods for installing underfloor insulation are disruptive and messy. You need to remove all your furniture and installers would have to lift all of your floors boards to lay the insulation. You would probably need to move out temporarily increasing the time, cost and inconvenience of the whole process.

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3. Underfloor insulation makes a huge difference, immediately

The effect of Q-Bot’s insulation method is immediate. Residents who have had their floor installed by Q-Bot have noted feeling warmer and more comfortable straight away.

Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation reduces heat lost through the floor by 79% and reduces the cold draughts across the whole house by 30% (Leeds Beckett case study). Moreover, you will also notice the reduction in temperature stratification, or difference in temperature levels between the floor and the ceiling, resulting in more consistent temperatures throughout the house and warmer feet.


4. Underfloor insulation is effective in the winter… and the summer

Insulation doesn’t just keep you warm in the winter. Your home stays cool in the summer. Insulation doesn’t trap heat in, instead it reduces heat loss. This allows for more controlled airflow meaning cold air doesn’t get in during winter and also prevents warm air getting in during the summer.

Imagine your home as a thermos flask: it keeps warm air warm and cool air cool. In the winter, when you fill your thermos with hot tea, its outer walls help reduce heat loss from your hot beverage, just as your home’s insulation helps reduce warm air from escaping. In the summer, when you fill your thermos with iced tea, the outer walls protect from the suns heat, keeping your beverage cool. Just as your thermos controls the temperature of its contents, your insulation gives your home more control over its airflow.


5. Floor insulation blocks noise

Insulation provides more than just temperature control, it also provides sound-proofing creating a barrier that reduces noise levels. Installing Q-Bot’s underfloor insulation helps to give you and your family more privacy, reduces disturbances from neighbours and outside.

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