Q-Bot featured by BBC Panorama

28 February 2017

Q-Bot was featured on BBC Radio 4 Panorama, BBC News online and BBC Twitter as part of the debate about insulating the UK's 25 million homes. The coverage followed a widely cited report by the UK Green Building Council about the built environment relat, ed challenges facing the Government's CO2 reduction targets, with over 80% of the houses in 2050 having been already built. This realisation shifts the challenge from new construction to retrofitting of existing homes, a subject which recent Governments have shied away from.

UK GBC is clear that game changing innovation is required from the construction sector to deliver retrofits effectively and efficiently and point out Q-Bot as an example of successful implementation of this:

Ms Hirigoyen called for support for innovation amongst builders. The GBC pointed to a firm, Q-Bot, which insulates people's floors by sending robots to creep under people's floorboards and spray them with foam.

The firm's head, Mathew Holloway, told BBC News: "We have to find new ways of doing things. Normal refurbishment often means literally tearing a home apart.

"That means local authorities having to re-house tenants whilst it's being done. With our robot, we can seal and insulate wooden floors without touching the inside of the house."

Link to the news story: