ECO3 Funding boost to scale underfloor insulation installations with Q-Bot’s robots

25 April 2019

Q-Bot’s unique method to insulate suspended floors has been approved as innovative measure under the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) 3 scheme. As a result, Q-Bot is now able to secure ECO3 funding with an additional 25% innovation uplift. This extends the range of properties that can benefit from the measure to EPC D as well as E, F & G. Under the latest legislation, D-rated houses are no longer eligible for ECO support unless an innovative solution is used so it would not be possible to claim this additional funding with traditional floor insulation methods. Innovation funding is also available for private homeowners on qualifying benefits including child support.

Q-Bot has developed a cutting edge solution to insulate beneath suspended floors using robotic devices and artificial intelligence. Q-Bot is revolutionising the way underfloor insulation is delivered, making the process safer and more accountable. The solution is needed for over 8m homes in the UK & Q-Bot delivers underfloor insulation in a clean, quick and efficient manner. The installation takes just 1-2 days and the residents can stay in their home throughout the process.


Mathew Holloway, CEO and Co-Founder of Q-Bot said: “We have worked closely with Ofgem and our partners on fostering innovation in the energy and housing sector. With ECO3 funding for innovation and floor insulation, benefits can now be achieved at a much lower cost than before.”



Q-Bot’s solution significantly improves thermal comfort with householders consistently reporting that they feel a lot warmer. The company is committed to deliver high quality installations with minimal disruption to residents; Q-Bot’s installation process is fully accredited by the BBA, ensures quality and provides validated energy savings to secure ECO funding. Q-Bot is also accredited by PAS2030, Construction Line and Achilles.


Please contact us contact us here to find out more. The team at Q-Bot will be  happy to assess your  housing stock, estimate funding options and secure ECO3 funding on your behalf.