How Q-Bot’s technology empowers workers using robotic, AI and digital processes

8 August 2018

Q-Bot is transforming the construction industry with smarter processes, built using robotics, digital technologies and AI. Our solutions connect the built environment with the digital revolution to rethink processes that have not changed for hundreds of years. In doing so, I believe there is a huge global opportunity for new services, to create rewarding jobs and to improve the health of buildings, all the while reducing costs. Improving our existing homes and making them more comfortable is a key achievement to modernise the current housing stock as well as the construction industry.


As part of this mission, we have brought to market the first scalable and affordable solution for the insulation of suspended timber floors using a robot to apply insulation in situ. The solution is fully approved and accredited by the BBA and as a result, eligible for funding such as ECO. We work with social housing providers to identify cold, damp homes and put in place programs to upgrade them. We either carry out the installations ourselves or work with a local delivery partner.

robot spaying insulation

We have developed a partnership with Your Homes Newcastle, in the North East of England, to deliver services to their own housing stock as well as other landlords and private home owners within the region. YHN manages all aspects of service provision, from winning new business to installation and after care. Our role is to provide training and support, service the robot and also audit the quality of each install. We have a base in Newcastle, sharing a warehouse with Newcastle Furniture Service, which supplies furniture to social housing tenants. NFS are now the market leader in the provision of affordable furniture and furnished accommodation to social housing. We are all committed to creating a positive social impact within the local community.


As well as installing underfloor insulation, our technology also creates a digital record of the install process and floor void, in order to check the location and condition of services, as well as verifying the area and depth of insulation applied. Initially developed for the insulation of suspended timber floors, our solution is now being deployed across the building as a stand-alone service to efficiently and accurately deliver, detailed stock condition surveys. Our solution is unique as it is able to quickly create a digital, 3D record of the condition and health of the whole building as well as its services. We can measure aspects like damp and energy efficiency, helping to select the right intervention and manage risk. Stock condition surveys, delivered using our technology, will improve asset management, empower decision making, assure quality and reduce costs, improving the management of buildings.


By Mathew Holloway

Q-Bot’s CEO and Co-Founder