Re:Connect 'Robot and the Build Environment' presented by Martin Jervis

6 January 2021

Martin Jervis, Chief Commercial and Operating Officer at Q-Bot, has presented today an innovative session about "Robots and the Build Environment: insulating Robots beneath your floor? That’s now. Find out what could be next and what that means for construction!"


The construction industry could gain more from developments in robotics and AI than any other sector. Innovation and new processes empower workers, helping them become more productive while making work safer and reducing risk. Companies will be able to offer new services to complete a job that would be challenging or impossible to install using traditional approaches, and to assess and quote for work that was previously too difficult or cost prohibitive. 


Start-ups such as Q-Bot are disrupting the construction sector with new ways to inspect, maintain, build and upgrade our buildings.



Martin photo

 Session presented by Martin Jervis


Martin’s background is in senior leadership roles typically as a Managing Director or VP Sales, building scalable technology businesses. He has worked in businesses providing services, hardware and software, through direct and partner channels, and recently helped build a company delivering services for Social Housing Providers (and their customers in the UK). He’s also worked and lived extensively overseas including in France where, alongside the Netherlands, Q-Bot has recently begun operations.


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