Q-Bot is a finalist in the Homebuilding & Renovating Industry Awards as Insulation Supplier of the Year

24 May 2021


Q-Bot is thrilled to be shortlisted for the Homebuilding & Renovating Awards 2021 in the category Insulation Supplier of the Year. The award recognises the success stories within the property and housing sector, the winners will be announced on the 1st of July via a virtual awards video.

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Insulation is an important part of creating a warm, healthy and energy efficient home. At home, the floor beneath your cold feet is responsible for letting in cold draughts, mould and creating uneven temperatures in your living space. Suspended floors can be a significant cause of heat loss in your house, almost as much as uninsulated loft or wall. This represents ~20% of your home's total heat loss, which explains why floor insulation is the next best energy efficient measure you can install.

Q-Bot is revolutionising the way underfloor insulation is installed, removing main challenges and costs of traditional methods. Q-Bot uses a robot, like Betty, that can fit under the floor and spray insulation to the underside of floorboards. Betty completes the installation in a day or two with minimal disruption to your daily life, as it doesn’t involve the need to remove furniture and uplift the entire floor covering and floorboards.

Once the insulation is installed, cold and damp air can’t get into the home. This means the home is warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to heat. The insulation immediately reduces the heat loss through the floor by 80% and cold draughts across the whole house by 30% (read the case study across 100 UK homes). Insulating the floor with Q-Bot can reduce energy bills by an average of 16%, or an average reduction of £150 per year on your bill. Energy savings have been verified and certified by Energy Saving Trust in March 2020.

Don’t take our word for it, Q-Bot has installed its robotic solution in more than thousands of homes across the UK, and few properties in France and Netherlands. Find out what our customers say about our service:

«I am much warmer and I’m saving £20 per month on bills. I love Q-Bot, it has made a massive difference. There are no more draughts.» Janet, North London

«Absolutely brilliant! They did a great job with minimal disruption.» Kate, Liverpool

«The Q-Bot team was very friendly and approachable, they aimed to minimise disruption. Highly recommended!» Pandora, East London

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