Installers WANTED ! Job opening !

9 August 2021

Q-Bot is hiring Insulation Installers to join its fantastic team installing underfloor insulation using a robot. Q-Bot is looking for talented candidates who ideally have a background in the construction industry and would like to use their technical skills to install underfloor insulation with robots.

No previous knowledge in robotics required although carpentry/plastering and building skills are a big plus. You will receive training in how to use our robots through our in-house training course and through supervised installations.

Dan, Q-Bot's Robotic Insulation Installer, shared his story: “Coming from a carpentry background, I wanted to do something a little more exciting and different, you can’t get much more unique than applying spray foam under floors with a robot. I really enjoy using this new technology to improve the sustainability of people’s homes, and working with the engineers to improve the robots.’

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity to use new technology, have a positive impact on the planet or simply fancy a career change, then apply for this job now at

Read the job description here.