Mathew Holloway features in Saint Gobain’s report on ‘Emerging Realities’

22 September 2018

Saint Gobain UK has recently published a report on ‘Emerging Realities’, presenting exclusive interviews, findings and inspiration from thought leaders on selected areas facing disruption in the construction industry. The research also reveals tools and approaches already starting to be used by early adopters.

Mathew Holloway, Q-Bot’s CEO and Co-Founder, addressing how robotics and AI will transform the construction industry creating new jobs, putting quality at the heart of projects as well as creating buildings that are warmer, more comfortable and cheaper to maintain.

Mathew Holloway quote

With an ageing workforce and the shortage of skilled people, the construction industry hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. Q-Bot’s solution connects the built environment with the digital revolution to rethink processes. Improving our existing homes and making them more comfortable is a key achievement to modernise the current housing stock as well as the construction industry.

Click on the here to read the full report.