Q-Bot is now operational following Covid-19 shutdowns

23 June 2020


Q-Bot is delighted to resume operations, now installing our robotic underfloor insulation in homes again across the UK and mainland Europe.


The Q-Bot Ready framework means that Q-Bot can work with home owners and housing partners to complete existing orders and begin new work across the UK and overseas. Since the beginning of March, Q-Bot Ready offers additional coronavirus-related measures during the installation process to ensure Q-Bot operates in a safe manner. 

Q-Bot is technology-driven, offering an innovative robotic underfloor insulation service - the robots do not catch or carry Coronavirus. Using an innovative new process, the installation team will now set up the onsite work station outside the property, meaning that once the robot is inserted into the underfloor space, the team will operate the robot from a contained and separate outdoor space. Therefore, there is no need to work inside the house during the installation, highlighting the non-disruptive nature of Q-Bot’s solution.

The installers follow relevant government guidance on social distancing in the workplace. Click here to find out more about the revised Covid-19 installation process.

Work station outside


Q-Bot’s team has recently completed installs in England and Scotland with customers saying: “I would thoroughly recommend Q-Bot, and Ben and Lucas to provide underfloor insulation services. They made some Covid-19 checks and confirmed the arrangements to put in place to ensure all of our safety. The whole ground floor of our house is now insulated with only minor disruption to our home during the insulation process and everything returned like they had never been there on completion.” – Graham, Scotland


Q-Bot’s delivery partner in the North East of England has already restarted operations and are installing underfloor insulation in void properties, and soon in occupied homes. Q-Bot’s revised practices and documentation have been approved by an independent H&S consultant and presented to social housing providers, with plans to deliver several projects in the upcoming weeks.


Q-Bot has targeted the “new normal” rather than ‘business as usual’ in its re-imagined operating procedures, being Q-Bot Ready in partnership with our clients and customers, prioritising safety for all stakeholders


Contact us to find out more about Q-Bot Ready or if you have any other queries.