SkootStor Insulation, part of Low Carbon Exchange, becomes a Q-Bot Accredited Installer, installing robotic underfloor insulation in South England & Wales

5 August 2022

Q-Bot is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with SkootStor Insulation (part of Low Carbon Exchange) to deliver its unique robotic underfloor insulation in South England and South Wales. SkootStor Insulation will manage all aspects of service provision, from winning new business to installation and after care. Q-Bot and SkootStor Insulation will strive to work together towards a greener and more sustainable housing sector by using cutting-edge technology to retrofit UK homes.

Q-Bot’s method of installing underfloor insulation is an innovative, minimally disruptive approach. More than 10 million homes in the UK have a suspended floor and very few have been insulated due to the disruption and cost of doing so. Controlled by an operator, the robot is inserted in the underfloor void, sprays insulation to the underside of floorboards, and then verifies that the work has been done correctly. The insulation immediately reduces the heat loss through the floor and stops draughts, ensuring a more efficient home. Q-Bot’s robotic solution delivers an EPC improvement of 2-6 points and saves on average £250/yr on heating bills.

SkootStor Insulation, part of Low Carbon Exchange, is a well-established retrofit supplier, who monitor, manage and maintain over 50,000 assets for the public sector, social housing and private homeowner clients across the south of England and Wales. This includes the installation of insulation measures such as loft, cavity wall, as well as solar PV, heat pump, rainwater harvesting, and others. Their vision is to help organisations and individual resolve issues regarding fuel poverty, damp & mould and energy efficiency as everyone deserve to have a warm, dry and affordable home to live in.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity and are excited about working with Q Bot to install under floor insulation throughout the South West & South Wales. We see enormous potential in these areas where we operate.” – Mark Priestley, General Manager at SkootStor Insulation

The 5-year partnership will allow SkootStor Insulation to apply insulation where it is impractical and/or unsafe for humans to do so, and without the disruption of traditional methods. The high quality of each installation is certified with a 25-year warranty and is verified by Q-Bot via its Retrofit Management platform, an application via a web portal that allows customers and contractors such as SkootStor Insulation to effectively manage retrofits, demonstrate their quality, create the records needed for compliance, and monitor work remotely.

The close relationship between SkootStor Insulation and Q-Bot will strongly benefit the local community by creating attractive highly skilled retrofit jobs, improving safety and inclusion, and increasing productivity. Q-Bot’s solution empowers workers by giving them safer, innovative solutions and processes while improving their working conditions. 

Q-Bot services the robot and provides training and support to use the technology. SkootStor Insulation’ operatives have now been fully trained and will be completing their first installs in August working with Happy Energy, Cornwall Housing and OVO Energy. SkootStor Insulation is accredited PAS2035-2019, and a Government Trustmark licensed heating and insulation contractor.

The new Accredited Q-Bot Installer will deliver underfloor insulation to social landlords to increase the fuel efficiency of people’s homes, cut emissions and help save on their fuel bills. This will contribute to achieve net zero carbon by 2050 and help households who are in their time of need to simply be warmer and more comfortable at home.

“Q-Bot is excited to be partnering with Skootstor Insulation - who as part of the Low Carbon Exchange Group - are one of the major players in the whole-house retrofit industry.  Q-Bot will enable them to insulate the whole fabric of a house, with tenants staying insitu.” – Martin Rinvolucri, Head of Partners at Q-Bot


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